Foley, Alabama

a congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Pictorial Description:

Moses has received the Commandments from God and is coming down Mt. Sinai.  Below him the nation of Israel is encamped.

What’s Taking Place:

Moses has just received the Ten Commandments and the civil/ceremonial laws which will regulate the secular and religious life of the Israelites and make them the nation, a cohesive people.  There is nothing special about these people. While Moses is talking to God they have been building an Idol and worshiping it. God's benevolent choice is the source of all their blessings. Moses’ face shines with the reflection of God's glory as he comes down from the mountain.


The two tablets represent the tablets of stone upon which God first wrote the commandments.  The first three commandments are written on the first tablet and deal with our relationship towards God. The rest of the commandments are written on the second tablet and deal with our relationship towards our neighbor.

Scriptural Reference:

Exodus 24:12-31; 18, 34

The Ten Commandments