Foley, Alabama

a congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

What We Believe

Our Communion Policy: 

The Lord’s Supper is celebrated at this congregation in the confession and glad confidence that, as he says, our Lord gives into our mouths not only bread and wine but his very body and blood to eat and to drink for the forgiveness of sins and to strengthen our union with him and with one another.  Our Lord invites to his table those who trust his words, repent of all sin, and set aside any refusal to forgive and love as he forgives and loves us, that they may show forth his death until he comes.

Because those who eat and drink our Lord’s body and blood unworthily do so to their great harm and because Holy Communion is a confession of the faith which is confessed at this altar, any who are not yet instructed, in doubt, or who hold a confession differing from that of this congregation and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and yet desire to receive the sacrament, are asked first to speak with the pastor thirty minutes prior to the service.

For further study, see Matthew 5:23f; 10:32f; 18:15-35; 26:26-29; 1 Corinthians 11:17-34

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church is a member of the LCMS – Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  The doctrine we believe, teach, and confess is not our own, but that of Jesus Christ, delivered to us through the Prophets and Apostles as found in the Holy Scriptures.   Below you will find a summary of our faith.

We believe. . .

That the Bible is the inspired inerrant Word of God, correct and true in all its parts and the only source for all teaching and conduct of the Christian.

That there is only One true God who is Triune – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

That God created us and all creatures, and that we were created by God in perfection, which we lost when we aspired to become like God and fell into sin, which is disobedience to God’s will.

That since the fall, all people are sinners separated from God, who deserve eternal punishment and who cannot save themselves.

That Jesus Christ is true God and true man.  He was born of the Virgin Mary, lived, suffered, died and rose for the sins of all people, that we might not be separated from God any longer.

That whosoever believes in Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit as their Savior and Lord has forgiveness of their sins and eternal life with God. Therefore, each person is saved from eternal separation from God only by the grace of God Himself, through faith in Jesus Christ.

That Baptism is for children and adults.  Through water and the Word sins are washed away and we are saved as we receive the Holy Spirit.

That in the Lord’s Supper we receive the very Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in, with and under bread and wine.

If you are interested in learning more about what the Lutheran Church believes, teaches and confesses, then please contact our Pastor.  Also we encourage you to click the link below to learn more.  Our denomination's website. Be sure to check out all the links under About Us.