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The Flood

Pictorial Description:

The ark rests upon the mountain. Noah and his family are gathered around an altar offering sacrifices on the side of the mountain below the ark. A rainbow arches over the scene in the background.

What’s Taking Place:

The ark with Noah and his family has come to rest on Mt. Ararat.  The waters which God unleashed in the flood have subsided. God promises that such a flood will not be sent again. As a sign, God displays the rainbow confirming His covenant with Noah and his descendants.


The dove and olive branch represent the abatement of the waters and the end of the destruction wrought by the flood. The dove with the olive branch was a sign to Noah that the flood was over.  The dove and olive branch is thus a symbol that peace between God and man has been restored again through God's renewed covenant.

Scriptural Reference:

Genesis 6:1-9:17